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    2013 Federalyl Recognised Psychotherapist (ASP/FSP);

    2009 Psychological Psychotherapist FSP;

    2008 - 2012: Supervision and Workshops:
    • Focusing by Eugene Gendlin with Agnes Wild-Missong
    • Emotion-focused Therapie with Leslie Greenberg, Toronto
    • Psychotherapist ASP; Association Swiss Psychotherapists

    2005 - 2009: Psychological Psychotherapist
    in psychoanalytical Psychotherapy and
    client-centered Psychotherapy;

    2004: University of Zurich: Masters of Science UZH,
    in Clinical Psychology, Neurophysiology;

    Employments as Clinical Psychologist:

    2013-today: Psychotherapist in Praxis therapie11, 8050 Zürich-Oerlikon

    2009-2013: Working as a psychological Psychotherapist in a Psychotherapeutic Praxis, 8006 Zürich

    2008: Working as a Clinical Psychologist with Clienia Littenheid AG, Littenheid, in the Psychotherapy Station Pünt Süd;

    : Working as a Clinical Psychologist in the Ambulatory of Integrated Psychiatric Clinic (IPW)

    2005: Working as a Psychologist at the Psychiatric University Clinic of Zürich.

    Doris Kürsteiner, Masters Sc.UZH
    Psychotherapist ASP/FSP