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    I use both the psychoanalytical / psychodynamic approach (Melanie Klein, David Winnicott, Wilfred Bion) and the personcentered one, by Carl Rogers, as the basis for the therapy procedure. These approaches will be expanded with emotion-focused therapy* , by Leslie Greenberg, Toronto, and with focusing**, as founded by Eugene Gendlin around 1950.

    Therefore focus will be on the bodily sensation, feelings and emotions on the one hand, and on imagining and symbolical expressions on the other hand. Intensive or over-controlled emotional experiencing will become aware and experienced in a new way in order to solve inner conflict situations and tensions.

    * In Focusing the client choses a personal topic he wants to work on and then we focus on four aspects around that topic: on bodily sensations, on feelings and emotions, on symbolic imagining and on wordy expressions. This enables to assimiliate past and present experience in a new integral way.The method originates from the United States and the main institute is situated in New York. In Europe it was taught and widespread to a large part by Agnes Wild-Missong. I enjoyed my supervision sessions with her. .

    ** The experiential and emotion-focused method (Leslie Greenberg, Toronto, Canada) guides people to identify which of their emotions they can trust and rely on as adaptive guides. The method helps to process intensive, controlled or suppressed emotions adaptively by re-experiencing them in a constructive way and thus facilitates to solve either inner conflicts and tensions or conflict situations with people in our lifes, in order to find new ways of handling such situations. I enjoyed my training in Toronto and Luzern with Leslie Greenberg.
    Emotionfocused Therapy in Toronto, Canada: