Praxis Kürsteiner
Psychotherapy, Counselling

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  • Individuals
    The rate per session is SFr. 140.00.

    The rate for couples is per session
    SFr. 210.00.

    What the Insurance reimburses
    Being an approved Psychologist for Psychotherapy FSP and a qualified Psychotherapist ASP, I am recognised by the Santésuisse and on their list of Psychotherapists.
    Therefore the insurance reimburses you a part of the cost over the "Zusatzversicherung".



    Duration of an Induvidual Therapy
    One Individual Therapy session usually lasts 50 minutes. Additionnally there will
    be 5 to 10 minutes for ending the therapy,
    and for administrative questions.

    Duration of a Couples Therapy
    The Couples Therapy session lasts between 60 to 80 minutes.

    An invoice will be issued at the end of each month for the reimbursement of your payments.